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This is my fun blog of screenies and misadventures in World of Warcraft! I sometimes say a lot but sometimes don't say much at all, but I will do my best to post fun and interesting content!

My posts will be filled with screenshots and useful tidbits. To view the screenshots larger, just click on them. Some zones are very dark zones so viewing the screenshot larger will help you to see all the details.

World of Warcraft, screenshot, Alliance

Yup, I'm Alliance. COME GET SOME!

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Drustvar Questing - Part Two

More beautiful scenery! If you've read many of my posts and seen my screenshots thus far, you know I'm a sucker for attractive scenery!

This screenshot is almost like a Thomas Kinkade painting. I love it! I seen the wheel against the light post like that and I knew I had to take a screenie!

Remember to always explore and pick up side quests on the way! You can run into hilarious little angry guys like this one!

Hmm, I think I know what happened to the farmer who lived here....

On your way up to Arom's Stand, on Highroad Pass, off to your right is a little "horde" encampment. It's orcs, goblins and horde peons trying to mine Azerite. Killing a goblin will give you a breadcrumb quest to complete. In the rocky area just before, there are "pools" of  Azerite that give you a helpful buff for a short period!

That's all for Drustvar! Thanks for reading!
~Allelya Gaming